Ricky Hanson Christmas Tree Display


Ricky Hanson posted a photo of his Christmas Tree decorated with lights, blue and white shiny balls, snowflakes, snowmen, and glittery stars and icicles that reflect the white lights like sparklers. For more Ricky Hanson stuff and things like his instagram photos and his personal photography, click here. Merry merry Christmas.

Ricky Hanson Snack Food


Ricky Hanson loves to snack, one of his old favorites is twinkies and they came back recently, the first instagram photo he ever posted was a photo of a twinkie with the caption exclaiming the excitement of their return to the grocery store shelves. To see Ricky Hanson and his photo, click here.

Ricky Hanson Hard Rock Cafe

ricky-hanson-Hard Rock Cafe Lisboa

Ricky Hanson at the Hard Rock Cafe, Lisbon.

During my visit to Lisbon, as I told you in previous posts that you can read here , I used to visit this restaurant rock museum which is located in Restauradores Square. The truth is that I did not eat it so I can not comment on the letter, but as it was hot (if you visit Lisbon in August it is normal that the weather is quite hot) took the opportunity to take an iced tea, which was very rich indeed. The food served in this restaurant is typical American and from what I saw the portions are quite generous.

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Ricky Hanson Wildflowers


Ricky Hanson wildflowers of Florida.

the work of Craig N. Huegel, PhD. I am an environmental consultant and educator who loves plants. Though formally educated as a wildlife biologist, I am an enthusiastic gardener and have studied and worked with plants my entire life. I currently teach in the Baccalaureate Biology Program at St. Petersburg College, teaching Plant Biology, Field Botany, Conservation Biology, Ornithology, Vertebrate Zoology, and Wildlife Techniques. I have written five books on Florida native plants – the most recent three with the University of Florida Press and I lecture throughout the state on a variety of topics related to plants and wildlife. My wife and I use our Pinellas County landscape as a laboratory to evaluate native plants and we grow a wide variety of species (mostly wildflowers) that are not commonly propagated elsewhere.in order to give us hands-on experience. Hawthorn Hill is not a retail plant nursery, but twice a year, we open our yard to public tours and we make our extra plants available to the public. If you are interested in what we are currently growing.

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